North Carolina Sports Betting Guide

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North Carolina Sports Betting Guide

If you are new to sports betting, you need to learn about your favorite teams and their chances of winning the next game. Betting on sports is big business and it is now legal in more than one state in North Carolina. This article describes the latest trends in sports betting law in North Carolina. It also takes a look at some current events that may affect the future of wagering in North Carolina. Sports bettors need to be aware of what they are looking for when they place a bet on any event.

The following chart illustrates how things stand in North Carolina. As of this writing, six states/counties have legalized sports betting, two passed bills to legalized sports betting, and two more states/counties are considering proposing bills to legalize sports betting. In twenty years the number of states legalizing sports betting has increased from one to twenty. The biggest change is that there are now more sports than ever where betting is legal in North Carolina. The following chart presents the latest trends in sports betting law in North Carolina.

Betting On Games Publicly: As of the writing of this article, the only public place where sports betting is legalized in North Carolina is at the county board of elections. Anyone can place a bet on any North Carolina game during an election. Online sports betting is not legal in North Carolina at this time. If you decide to bet online, remember that you must register with the State Athletic Commission to place a bet. Remember to check in with the NCC because every state has different regulations on online sports betting.

Betting On Games Unlicensed: Unlike in other states, there are no laws regulating sports betting in North Carolina at this time. Anyone can place a bet on any North Carolina game during an election. However, the practice is still illegal. This could change in the future, though. Reputable sports betting advocates have urged the North Carolina General Assembly to legalize sports betting. If passed, it could be a huge step towards legalization all across the United States.

Betting On Non-Regulated Games: In North Carolina, non-regulated sporting events such as basketball tournaments and soccer matches are off-limits for bettors. However, these games can be promoted through various promotional campaigns and sponsorships. Some high profile games such as the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs are well known for high ticket prices. However, there are no rules preventing sports gamblers from promoting these games through television or online broadcast. So if you want to win big in North Carolina, you might want to keep your eye on these races.

Where To Bet: One of the most popular areas in North Carolina for sports betting is the Charlotte area. A number of online sports books have sprouted up in this bustling neighborhood over the last few years. If you’re looking for a good place to wager on a big race, the Meckley’s Palace Sportsbook may be your best bet. This sports book has an extensive catalog of events for the next few years including the NBA playoffs. If you’re a fan of international soccer, then you might want to check out Euro Sportsbook which offers a number of European-based games.

How To Follow Your Bet: North Carolina residents interested in sports betting can keep track of the upcoming races by subscribing to the Betfair sports betting newsletter. All major sports betting announcements will be delivered to the newsletter. You’ll also receive important information on all races for the upcoming slate of games. The North Carolina Department of Revenue maintains a list of licensed sports books that offer legal sports betting in the state. This list is constantly being updated and is frequently available online.

With all of the betting opportunities available in North Carolina, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a sportsbook that meets your needs. With so many cities boasting a number of different bookmakers, the best way to go about finding one is to do a little research. Look at the website of each bookmaker and call to see what they offer. Many will allow you to place your bet via the website. For other betting options, you may want to check out the customer service lines of several bookmakers before making your final decision.