Legalize Sports Gambling in the United States

Is there truly a place for sports gambling legalities in the United States? In most cases, sports gambling is not illegal, but it may not be right for you. As a matter of fact, there are some jurisdictions in which sports gambling is illegal altogether. However, this article will discuss some of the various legalities and problems that surround sports gambling in the United States.

sports gambling legal

Delaware: Not fully legal, but currently legislation pending. Earlier this year, representatives passed two separate sports gambling bills – one that would make sports gambling legal in the state, and a second which would regulate only lottery, casino and off-line gaming. So far, however, no legislation has been taken up in the state legislature. Whether this bill becomes law or not, it would be interesting to see how other states handle the issue of gambling within their jurisdictions.

Montana: Legal for both wagering on and off-line, but no current legislation has been introduced to legalize sports gambling in the state. Like Delaware, gambling by mail is illegal in Montana. A ballot measure to legalize sports gambling was defeated in 2021, but since the initiative failed, it may never become a law.

Nevada: Like North Carolina, it is not a legal state for wagering on sports. Proponents of the legislation say it creates an environment where sports betting is legalized and therefore legal. Opponents say it sets up a loophole for gambling and encourages corruption at games. There was, however, an initiative recently approved by voters that will allow local governments to regulate sports betting if they want.

Florida: The early 2021 election cycle has not brought any sports gambling legislation forward in the state. A proposal to create a commission to manage sports wagering was voted down in committee in June. A bill that legalized sports wagering by means of a constitutional amendment was rejected in the Florida House in April. There are no further proposals due to the fact that the legislature is controlled by Republicans.

Iowa: Gambling by mail is illegal in Iowa. A bill that placed a ban on lotteries was introduced in the state legislature in January. A non-binding resolution was also introduced in the Iowa State Legislature in June. No legislation has been introduced in the Iowa State Legislature regarding gambling at the early 2021 election.

Tennessee: As previously stated, it is not currently legal to wager on sports in Tennessee. However, this may change in the near future. An initiative to regulate gambling in Tennessee was rejected by the legislature in February. A non-binding resolution was introduced in May; however, it was not passed and is not being considered for a possible override vote in the upcoming session.

New Jersey: New Jersey is not currently illegal to participate in sports gambling by mail. Gambling by mail is currently illegal in several states including Illinois, Montana, New Hampshire and Connecticut. However, in May, 2021, the state legislature passed a law which Legalizes sports gambling by mail in New Jersey. This is not a done deal yet, so the likelihood of the “legalization” becoming permanent in New Jersey is somewhat doubtful.

District of Columbia: Although the city of Washington D.C. allows sports gambling, it is illegal to wager on basketball or football in the District of Columbia. In July, 20th Century Fox announced that it will host an NBA playoff game at Verizon Center. The venue was chosen over bids from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, San Francisco and Boston for the right to hold the event. The move is viewed as somewhat controversial by members of Congress and the sporting leagues. Whether the move is politically motivated remains to be seen.

Maine: Like the District of Columbia, Maine allows regulated sports betting by mail. However, Maine recently approved legislation that legalizes sports gambling in the state byingo. The Maine House of Representatives voted in January to legalize in house and Senate in July. Although, the House and Senate are expected to reconcile their differences and send the bill to a final vote by July 8th.

California: California is one of five states that have legalized sports betting. However, the California Supreme Court has placed limits on how soon the law will take effect. The court has determined that it will be three years before betting can begin. The three-year moratorium was set in place by then Governor Jerry Brown. Sports gambling is currently illegal in California. But, according to the Associated Press, the state may become the first state to legalize sports betting through the use of virtual chips.

If the presidential candidate is approved by the state legislature and the California Supreme Court then the first sports betting championship game could be held in the state’s capital city, Sacramento. The new law also indicates that the NCAA will begin playing games in the state capital as well. If the upcoming presidential election is any indication of what comes next for legalized sports betting in the United States then perhaps you should start making your predictions and placing your bets now. Who knows what the future holds for legalized sports gambling? However, you should know that gambling is still not currently legal in most states across the country.